About Pine-Hill
About Pine-Hill

Our Story

"Envisioning a healthier world led by Macau brands."

We are a newly established biotech company in Macau, aiming to bring biotechnology development to Macau.
Our founder and CEO was born and raised in Macau, and his partner has worked in the pharmaceutical industry for many years. We decided to bring a product to Macau first.
The powdered beverage uses IGY technology, which greatly enhances the strength of the immune system and prevents bacteria such
as Helicobacter pylori from forming in the stomach. This technology has over 20 years of research experience.
Mission Statement: With biotech products of Macau brands, we envision a healthier world.
Objective: To create innovative next-generation biotechnological products for Macau.

Our Advantages

Pine-Hill Biotech has strict control over the quality and safety of raw materials and finished products. Each batch of raw materials not only comes with a quality analysis report provided by the supplier, but Pine-Hill Biotech also entrusts third-party international certification institutions to conduct tests before and after production or processing. This includes microbial, residual pesticides, heavy metals, hormones, carcinogens, and allergens testing, to ensure consumer protection.
A Macau health food research and development and manufacturer designed according to international GMP standards, obtained ISO 22000, HACCP & GMP, ISO 9001, and ISO 14644-1 international certification.


R&D Team

The team consists of professionals with backgrounds in pharmacology, nutrition, food safety, life sciences, and machinery operations, and has knowledge in clinical diagnostics, pharmacology, and traditional Chinese medicine.
Pine-Hill Biotech's research team regularly organizes multiple delegations to visit various countries, exchange with local manufacturers and research units, and participate in exhibitions to understand the latest industry information and purchase high-quality raw materials.



Pine-Hill Biotech's partners successfully entered the "Guangdong-Macao Cooperative Traditional Chinese Medicine Science and Technology Industrial Park" located in the high-tech zone of Hengqin New Area in 2017 and joined the incubator within the park in 2019. Together with other enterprises and park experts, they participated in constructing an "international-level traditional Chinese medicine quality control base, international health industry exchange platform," striving to cooperate with international excellent research teams to develop more effective and safer innovative products.

Leveraging Pine-Hill Biotech's commitment to product efficacy and quality,
We work with our customers to expand both the local and international markets.