Envisioning a healthier world led
by Macau brands.
Envisioning a healthier world led
by Macau brands.

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IGY What is IGY?

Our IGY products comprise an assembly of antibody proteins, which may be conceptualized as a molecular defense mechanism that penetrates the surfaces of most bacteria or viruses, neutralizing or inhibiting them. Therefore, our IGY technology-based offerings provide an enhanced, vital, and durable tool for our immune system to combat an array of pernicious bacteria and viruses.

Why Choose Us?

Our vision is to revolutionize the way people fortify their immune systems with our convenient and delectable powdered beverages,
enabling the bustling populace to dine out with confidence and savor their favorite drinks without compromising their health.
We aspire to transform the approach to health care, offering a palatable powder drink to bolster immunity,
allowing busy diners to lead a fulfilling life, irrespective of their dietary habits.

  • Probiotic Promise
  • Multistrain Formula
  • Probiotics Derived from Natural Sources
  • Free from Artificial Flavors, Preservatives, Gluten, Dairy

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